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What can Horti-Consult International offer you?

Our advisors will join you in reviewing all aspects of your company such as data, climate, labour, and scheduling to determine a good strategy for the cultivation of your crop. From Germany to China and Australia, our advisors are active the world over.

Overview of services

Advice and supervision on the technical aspects of cultivation

Profit from the decades’ worth of experience of our advisor on the technical aspects of cultivation. For each crop of vegetable fruit, we will write up tailored advice. Our advisors will personally go to your company, or can be contacted digitally at any time.

Coaching and training of employees

Our consultants know exactly which work is needed at a horticultural business. They can help you make a labour schedule as well as train and supervise your employees.

Supervision of management

As an entrepreneur, you have many questions but you may not always have the correct knowledge in-house. Our advisors will help you make strategically warranted decisions. Their broad base of knowledge of horticulture will contribute to growing your company.

Damage expert

Unfortunately, crops sometimes become damaged. You can consult our advisors for an independent calculation of the damage suffered. Horti-Consult International can create a financial substantiation of your claim for damages.

Supervision on construction

Investing in a new greenhouse requires a lot of knowledge on the newest techniques. Horti-Consult International can help you from the very first stages by making the right choices and giving the right advice during the development and process of building your company.

Vertical farming

Our advisors have up-to-date knowledge on the newest cultivation techniques. Of these techniques, vertical farming and cultivation in water are examples that they are closely involved in.

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